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The Bride 

Every Bride receives FREE individual eyelashes applied for there trial and wedding day. 

For those of you that want to look as close to perfect as possible, Airbrush makeup is available. Airbrush Makeup is makeup applied through a special airbrush machine which sprays a gentle mist of air onto the skin, creating an incredibly natural look.

This technique is being used in film, theatre, special effects and high definition photography. Airbrush Makeup minimizes skin imperfections, while still giving a beautifully natural finish.

Allow 50 minutes per person, although 30-40 minutes is usually all that is required. This extra time allows for any hold ups, unforeseen events or any additional make-up requirments

Airbrush Benefits
·  Creates a natural looking flawless complexion
·  Lasts all day and through to the  evening without re-applying
·  Evens out skin tone and covers virtually blemish

How is air brush Makeup differrent

Airbrush makeup leaves a light, seamless veil of colour over the skin, creating the illusion of a perfect face because it is misted on, allowing your true skin tone to show through without masking your face. The ability to mix Airbrush foundation colours for individual custom blends is unsurpassed, resulting in a more natural look that covers skin imperfections effortlessly

Bridal Trial & Consultation 

Progressive Looks trial takes approximately 1.5 hours. At the trial we discuss your wedding day theme, colours, the look you wish to achieve, as well as how much make-up you are comfortable wearing. A digital photo is taken, which is kept on file. On your wedding day, the photo is used as a reference to re-create your look.

  • Please try and bring a photo of yourself when you have had makeup on that you like and some shots from magazines that you like.
  • Clean skin no mascara, yes you can have moisturiser on. 
  • Feel free to bring a friend or mum. 
  • If you are having a spray tan on the day it is a good idea to have it on for your trial.


Bridesmaids are more than welcome to have a trial.Some brides prefer to have their bridesmaids partake in a trial, but it is not a necessity.

Mother of the Bride/Groom 

Mothers are a very important part of any wedding day so Progressive looks takes great care to make them look and feel special.Mums are more than welcome to book in for a trial and join you at the Progressive Looks studio as your moral support.

Fashion / Commercial

Special Events

Every formal or special event client receives FREE individual eyelashes applied. 

If you’re planning for a School Formal, Birthday, Engagement or any other special event, let us make it one to remember! Progressive Looks can confidently create a look to match any trend and make your next engagement a success.

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